marted?, 27 de dicembre de 2011

Sikanda is the name given by Eros Riccio to his book of chess openings, which led him to compete at the highest levels in the world of Freestyle Chess Tournament. After becoming Champion 8th PAL / CSS Freestyle Tournament (2008), the most prestigious tournament in the world of Freestyle Chess, sponsored by the PAL Group in Abu Dhabi, with Sikanda and his personal own  strategic ability, Eros has won all five world Freestyle Chess tournament that have occurred in two years, becoming the number one in the world of Freestyle. Sikanda, named after the magical sword of the Neverending Story by Michael Ende, is a very special chess openings book, built by Eros manually, day by day, piece by piece, in over ten years, and has become her magic and deadly weapon, before which had to bow not only the strongest chess players in the world of Freestyle, but also the cluster of the Rybka team, a scary monster made ​​up of 55 computers that work well as a single powerful computer and that seemed unbeatable, and finally also Highendman, the Russian team of leading specialists of chess engines.

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